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Marriage Counseling El Paso

I am sure if you have been married for any time at all you have come to the understanding that marriage takes more work than you expected.

Maybe you have run into problems that you wish you had known about before marriage.

This is why we offer to you pre marriage counseling and marriage therapy. Both times in your life you will benefit greatly from some form of counseling and we have the most incredible counselors here at Marriage counseling El Paso.

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Couples Counseling

el paso marriage counseling

Marriage Counseling

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Marriage Counseling El Paso

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It is our goal in couples therapy El Paso for our clients to find healing in all areas of their life. Not only in their relationship, but also in their own mental, physical, and emotional well being.

When you are aware of these areas of your life and working to heal them you create an all around health in your life that you cannot get elsewhere.

We are reliable for our clients so that they know that the second they step into our office we are there 100% for them.

We are invested in their happiness and their success and will work our best along with them to see this happiness and success come in their relationship during marriage counseling El Paso TX.

There is nothing more satisfying than going to bed at night feeling at peace in your mind, a relaxed body and a smile on your heart. Are you missing this and yearning for this in your marriage?

In marriage counseling El Paso TX we teach you how what it is that is blocking this from happening in your life and how to achieve this in your marriage.

Come and join us for your life to be transformed and for your heart to be opened to new understandings and experiences.

Why Choose Us?

Call us today and get started in El Paso marriage counseling! We have seen thousands of couples over the years and have not only offered fabulous marriage advice but have also seen these relationships mend and become stronger than ever before.

At Marriage Counseling El Paso there are a few things that we see as extremely important which are:

  • Offering different types of couples therapy to meet everyone's needs
  • Create and foster an environment of love and learning filled with kindness
  • Have only the best and most highly qualified therapists for you
  • Assist our clients in discovering change in themself and their life
  • Teach our clients to trust themselves

We are highly recommended from our clients as we have done these things and many more in their lives over the years.

We believe we are the best at what we do because we continue to see change, we continue to see healing, and we continue to see saved relationships that are happy and thriving.

You do not want to wait any longer before getting couples counseling El Paso TX. It will be much easier to receive counseling in couples therapy El Paso when you both have an open mind to coming and when your relationship could use work but is not cold. Fill out this form to get started.

What To Expect?

Can you believe that 50% of first marriages end in divorce? We can. So many couples get married without preparing at all in a premarital counseling program. Couples fall in love, get the ring, get the dress, get married and expect life to be happily ever after.

What do they do when the going gets tough? They think they married the wrong person, or that their spouse has changed so much that they would be happier with someone else, so they divorce.

In all reality if couples were to have some relationship therapy both before and during their marriage they would have a much more smooth and long lasting happy marriage. We offer the most amazing therapists to assist you in getting the relationship counseling that you need here at Marriage counseling El Paso.

Together you will join them in a comfortable atmosphere and begin to discuss why it is you are sitting in their office, what you would like to get out of it, and how you are going to do that. Together you will share your feelings and begin to have a new and ever changing mind and perspective of your relationship, yourself, and your spouse.

You will grow closer and more rooted in each other as you share the things that matter most to you and the feelings that are deep within your heart and mind.

el paso family counseling


Marriage is amazing and it is easy to forget that simple aspect as your marriage begins to struggle and continues to struggle.

We offer couples therapy near me for you to remember how amazing your marriage truly can be as you work for it. Pre marriage counseling is so important for you to do so that you will be set up for success going into your new and lasting relationship.

Relationship counseling El Paso

Have you had unhealthy habits in your marriage? In marriage therapy El Paso you will learn how to create new and healthy habits in your relationship.

Marriage truly takes hard work in order to make it work. Are you willing to put in the hard work? If so, marriage counseling near me is going to be the best thing you have ever done.

Premarital counseling El Paso

It is vital for you to prepare for your marriage so that you are not blindsided by all different types of struggles down the road.

It is commonly forgotten when you are preparing for your marriage to prepare your relationship. Marriage is a huge life change and you will need the tools you will learn here to help you navigate that life change.

About El Paso TX

El Paso is desert terrain which leads to dry warm summers with low humidity and cool dry winters all which are relatively mild. You get little rain in El Paso and the rain that does come is during the fun monsoon season, it is a season that many of us look forward to.

El Paso is very diverse in its economy. It has got a bit of everything and is very very busy in international trading.

There are many activities to enjoy here some of which are Broadway productions, music concerts, and many incredible museums.

El Paso is on the far western side of Texas. It is the home of 681,000 people and is strong in the military and federal presence. El Paso has been known to be one of the top safest big cities in the United States.

These are the cities that are nearest to El Paso:

  1. Horizon City, TX
  2. Canutillo, TX
  3. Fort Bliss, TX
  4. Anthony, TX
  5. Clint, TX
  6. Fabens, TX
  7. San Elizario, TX
  8. And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will couples counseling take us?

Couples counselling can take as long or as short as it needs to be. Your situation will be suited just for you. Your counselor will let you know what they think would be best for you and your relationship. You can come on a weekly basis or monthly. It may take three months, it may take three years. It all depends on your personal situation and how well you work and progress toward the person you want to be and the goals that you have as a couple.

Should I work on convincing my spouse to join me in relationship therapy?

This is an area where you should use some caution. If your spouse is not willing to go it may be best that you go to counseling still but without your spouse for a time. After they see you go through counseling and the various changes that you have because of it they may feel moved to also begin to join you. If you are convincing your spouse to come it may cause more marriage problems during the sessions leading to more marital frustration and hurt. You can explain why you want them to come but if it is simply a no we would leave it at that for a time.

Can we go to marriage counselling too soon?

Couples counseling near me can never be too soon. We recommend couples start couples therapy before marriage in pre marriage therapy. You will learn so much about yourself and about the way that your relationship runs and how your thoughts, emotions, and actions bounce off of one another and it will be the best eye opener for both of you no matter how far into your marriage you are. You can be one month into your marriage or ten years into your marriage and still greatly benefit from couples counseling El Paso.

Does couples counseling help?

Couples counseling El Paso is one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences you can have in a relationship. You will be absolutely blown away by the knowledge that you gain and the strides in which your relationship will take. You will have such a deeper understanding of not only yourself but your deep inner self along with the inner self of your spouse. It is such a bonding and can be such an intimate experience for you to experience being so emotionally vulnerable together in El Paso marriage counseling.

Client Testimonials

We started going to counseling and starting seeing so many things in our relationship that were unhealthy. It was scary to face these head on but we learned how to work through them and are now happier and more connected and aware of each other than ever before.

Sharron Turkets

Through counseling we have gained support of one another and are now on the same team rather than fighting each other often. We have learned how we were arguing about the same things again and again and finally learned how to resolve these issues.

Justin Hansworth

My fiance and I kept hearing how amazing pre marriage counseling was so we decided to give it a try. We are so happy that we did. We learned some communication patterns that we had that were not benefiting our relationship and learned how to change those.

Savannah Elliott

Contact Us Today!

Are you ready to get out of the slumps of your marriage and begin some relationship counselling? Are you engaged and wanting to solidify your relationship and your skills and talents in pre marriage counseling?

If this is the case for you and your significant other we want you to give us a call today. We will answer any questions and will provide you with the positive feedback we have received from clients throughout the years.

Marriage is hard work and we have the best counselors here at Marriage counseling El Paso to help you in your wonderful journey of marriage. Fill out this form here!

Marriage Counseling El Paso

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